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You might be experiencing stress, pain and discomfort as you are reading this. Rest assured you're in the right place. By the time most people visit a chiropractor their health may not be so good, and they have been carrying around deep patterns of tension and restriction for a long time. This not only causes the body to develop symptoms of poor health, but also interferes with the coordination of your nerve system and the conduction of the signals that control and regulate all aspects of your being. The good news is chiropractic can help by restoring the integrity of your spine and nerve system so that the body's communication network can send and receive clear signals. 


It may take a little time, but if clear signals are sustained long enough with the proper amount of care, your body will have a chance to change the patterns and rebuild itself by replacing abnormal cells with normal cells. And sooner or later, depending on your case, you will get well. And if you desire to stay well, occasional check-ups with your chiropractor will help keep your system fluid and alive. 

Arriving to your appointment

Parking in the lot is free during your visit!

Rise Chiropractic uses modern automated systems instead of having an office administrator so that you can connect directly with your chiropractor. This allows for a more focussed and personalized experience for greater quality of care.  When you walk in and it looks like a comfortable living space without a receptionist don't be alarmed. Just make yourself at home and your chiropractor will be with you soon.

Please arrive at least 5 min before your appointment to get ready for your adjustment.  You can use this time to turn off your phone, hang your coat, kick your shoes off, and relax. Getting into the right mindset before you start will allow you to get the most out of your scheduled time. 


Initial Visit - $150

The initial visit is about 45-60 min. This includes an exam, consultation and your first adjustment. After you book your appointment you will receive a link to Client Portal to access practice documents. 

If you have seen a chiropractor within 4 months, and do not have an acute injury you can get adjusted without the initial exam process unless you prefer it. Please contact for more info.


Kids - $65

15 min - $75

1/2 Hour - $130

1 hour - $230

Half hour and full hour appointments allow time for bodywork and somatic inquiry in addition to chiropractic adjustments. The bodywork modality used is based your your specific needs. This is typically determined after your initial visit. 


You can also request a specific type of bodywork. Bodywork you can request: Reiki, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Post Surgery Care.

1/2 hour Couples, Families, and Friends 


Ask about rates for group adjustments (2-4 people). There are 4 tables available for couples, families, and friends who want to get adjusted together in a community setting. 



Accepted Payment Methods

HSA, FSA, Cash, and all Credit Cards accepted.

Rise is not contracted with any insurance companies, however statements for reimbursement (superbills) are provided.


425 Divisadero Street, Suite 205

San Francisco, California 91447

Phone: (415) 788-0299

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Free Onsite Parking

D.D. Palmer (Mar. 7, 1845 - Oct. 20, 1913) 

The Founder - D.D. Palmer reasoned that the body had an ample supply of natural healing power transmitted through the nervous system. If a single organ was sick, it must not be receiving its normal serve supply. That led to the premise of spinal misalignment, or subluxation, and from there to a procedure for adjusting the vertebrae. D.D. performed his first adjustment in 1895, relieving on man of deafness and another person of heart trouble. 

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